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This just in: Denmark votes Yes!

I will update shortly, but the press release is available at http://www.ds.dk/4225 .

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Interesting and positive news.
Some other blogs seemed to predict a different outcome.

Who takes these decisions on behalf of Danish Standard? I am surprised that it isn't the sub-committee who has been working with the standard.

Hi Christian,

If you ask who actually presses the button, I am not really sure.

It is important to remember, though, that the sub-committee acts as a technical advisory board to Dansk Standard. It has never been up for discussion to vote on the subject at hand. Also, remember that Dansk Standard has participated in each and every meeting in the group and they were part of the delegation in Geneva. I think it is fair to say that they have a pretty good idea of what has been the center of discussion.

I am sure they do. But I was wondering whether the decision makers are employees of Dansk Standards and what their background is.


I am sure the decision-makers are employees of Dansk Standard, but I do not know with 100% accuracy who exactly it is.

The chairman of the sub-committee is Mogens Kühn Pedersen from Copenhagen Business School (he has been mentioned as "judge" in the evaluation of the Danish B103-decision with the Danish Konkurrencestyrelsen alongside Bo Westergaard). I could imagine that he was part of the decision process as well, but I do not know this for a fact.

(skal vi ikke snart have nogle pilsnere?)

(jo, det var måske snart ved at være på tide)

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