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OOXML is now IS 29500

Long awaited, the votes on the ISO/IEC DIS 29500 have been counted and verified. The unofficial result began circulating between the national bodies yesterday but the result was not made public until today, Wednesday April 2nd 2008.

The results are pretty clear: OOXML has now been approved as an ISO/IEC international standard.

Result of voting

P-Members voting: 24 in favour out of 32 = 75 % (requirement >= 66.66%)

(P-Members having abstained are not counted in this vote.)

Member bodies voting: 10 negative votes out of 71 = 14 % (requirement <= 25%)


I think this pretty much summarizes it.

It's been a good one - thanks to all I have worked with throughout this process the last year or so - it's been great getting to know you. Also thanks to everyone contributing their valuable input to this process.

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