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Back in the day when I started blogging, I showed a friend of mine a blog post I had written. He noticed the large number of links to other bloggers in the piece, and he asked me (tongue-in-cheek) if those links were some kind of geeky way of saying "I love you" to the people I linked to.

Well, to some extend, he was correct. But that is not the only way people communicate varm feelings to each other - without saying it directly. If you look at kids in (pre)school, when they start to have feelings for the opposite sex, the message to everyone else is typically "No, I don't like Tom at all ... he's a total idiot!". So parents (I presume) quickly learn that sometimes name-calling is a token of love and affection.

So ... Alex and I have made a little game. As you might now, name-calling is quite the way to do stuff - at least if you are in some way opposed to this whole "oh oh xml thingy". Classics are "drone" and "$hill" and more exotic examples are "nazi" or "saboteur". The current score is listed in the table at the right of this page.

The rules are quite simple:

  • Each mention of either of us with a special name scores one point
  • If one of us are mentioned with name in the title of the article/post, each score for each mention in the article is doubled

The prize is beer in Paris for the next WG4-meeting in the beginning of December.

This is all fine ... except for one thing ... I am loosing miserably. I had a good thing going for a few months (and I even was so cockey to suggest a wager on beer, because I "knew" I was winning"). But somehow Mr. Fox has gained momentum and with the latest bashing of Alex, we are now tied.

So Roy, Pam ... give me a hand here ... think about all the frustration I might have caused you (and you families) and put it down in writing ... otherwise I'll be the one buying beer in Paris and Alex will be winning ... and none of us want that to happen, do we?

PS: Roy, I love you too ...


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Does this apply to any name you get called, by anyone?  For example, if I do a blog post entitled "Jesper is a klam røvhul and Alex is a bloody berk"  will you add those to the list?

Please say yes.

IT's kindof tricky ... cause everything is a grey mesh. I would, however, give you points for "klamt røvhul" - how the hell did you google/bing your way to that?

Also, remember that the title only puts the scalar value into play - we still have to be mentioned in the list.

And - I think it is important to remember not to cast blame ("he without sin" and all that ....). So if I at some time would come to the parallel universe Pamela (aka "Pajama-girrrrl") inhabits, I wouldn't blame nor critizise her. Instead, I'd try out the "Robin Williams/Matt Damon-thing" and say 'It's not your fault' while giving her a big bear-hug.

As a cockney (born, if not bred) I should perhaps point out that "berk" is ruder than one might think:


As a cockney (born, if not bred) I should perhaps point out that "berk" is ruder than one might think:
This must be one of those times where we Europeans stand together and say "No, Microsoft - there is no such thing as "US-English".


Yikes, I had no idea based on the one time I had seen it used.  Perhaps "bloody stickler for precision" would have been more fitting.

Jesper hi

Sorry about this, but I have a shiny catch of new badges, after a big fishing trip on the blog of Jomar Silva (http://is.gd/4Kg2e).

here goes:

"a paid shill who had only one interest: serving the orders of Microsoft"
- http://is.gd/4Kfm0

"the exception, not the rule" (actually, I quite like that one)
- http://is.gd/4Kft0

"Microsoft lackey"
- http://is.gd/4KfuZ

"an accomplice"
- http://is.gd/4KfBT

"an overloaded and off balanced washing machine in a spin cycle"
- http://is.gd/4KfYw

I can practically taste that pression already Smile

- Alex.

Hi Alex,

Noooooooooooooo (insert Homer Simpson here)

We should have made a rule to deny any points given when deliberately putting your head into the lion's mouth! I am sure I can get as many points (or even more), if I decide to register on #boycottboy's website or fire up my old usenet-client and take a trip to alt.comp.linux.advocacy ... people are crazy in there ...

But as you said, if my theory of "un-articulated love" is correct, you must now be the most beloved man on Earth. And by important people like "Mr. Uneducated member ..." and "Mr. nobody".

I'll update the chart - and I actually also saw the word "crony" mentioned in there ... :-(

Maybe I'm just not focusing on the right issues here. I'm just about to finish my "kick Excel2010 in the nuts"-article, but I am afraid that won't give me many points. People on the West-coast are apparently nicer and more polite than those on the East-coast (it's like an opposite Stephen King, The Stand-kind-of-world). Maybe I should stop making enemies at MS with "the D-man" [0] and go after, I don't know, the people from Crapiztan adopting ODF or something similar stupid.

Btw, do they have good beer in France?

[0] That'll be Doug ...

well if you need someone to cause some trouble, just ask. I seem to be good at it these days Tong

Do they also fill up your mailboxes with some weird and often sick mailbombs full of hatred ?
I have found that some of those anti-ooxml people are truly mad in their behaviour.

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