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I hate automatic spam filtering

Every time you use a tool, you make a (conscious) decision to trust that tool to do what it says. This is true for closed source software and open source software alike (especially if you don't have the skills to plow through the source of whatever tool you use).

Most people use a generic blogging platform for their pieces of information that they wish to share with the world. Popular tools are Blogger by Google or WordPress. These tools often come with spam filtering and all sorts of other features intended to make your life as blog-owner more easy.

The catch you sometimes find yourself in, is that they don't work as they should. Spam is let through and non-spam is deleted. That can be a real pain in the ass - especially if you are not notified by this.


on Rob's blog I have been writing a bit with him and Luc. Rob moderates his blog (as most people, including me). We kind of have to - because blog spam is annoying and it disturbs not only the owner, but also everyone participating in the conversation if mail notification is enabled.

(as a funny side-note, I once promised never, ever to moderate my blog ... well, colour me stupid)


I think Rob has become a victim of too agressive spam filtering - it sems that two of my posts have been lost in cyber space - even though I have tried to repost them several times. Maybe it's my (grammer-error prone) English (or, "Dænglish", as we call it here) tricking something - I dunno.

Luckily I have an archive of the stuff I write (because Rob's blog is certainly not the only one suffering from this)

So to preserve our common digital legacy, here are my two posts that were erronously caught:


Hi Rob,

<i>I suppose at some point Microsoft will approach us with a list of suggested additions to OOXML. That is the prerogative of any vendor or any national body.</i>
So if I coined this differently to e.g.

"I suppose at some point ECMA will approach us with a list of suggested additions to OOXML. That is the prerogative of any liaison or any national body."

... that would make your day?

I'd be happy to make that correction - just say the word.

"In any case, aside from being inaccurate, your comment is off topic. No more, please."

Well, it is your blog, so feel free to censor whatever you want. My point was to confirm parts of what Luc was saying - that indeed some of the extensions Microsoft has made to OOXML will likely be added to the standard.

How that can be OT is beyond me.


Hi Luc,

<i>I agree, but then we must have a formal commitment by Microsoft that they will implement ISO29500 Strict within the coming 12 to 24 months latest.</i>

Yes, and I'd personally encourage them to make such a statement. But it is really out of scope of WG4 to do anything about it.

<i>I would recommend everybody to not invest one cent of their money or one second of their time improving it: it is lost time and money.</i>

Well, there are several tools one can use to push Microsoft to implement S - "not participating" is perhaps the least effective of those.